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29 Aug | AIM Soiree Starts Tweeting

Blatant cross-promotion warning!

Our sister site, AIM Soirée – whose sole purpose in life is to rank the most discussed shares on AIM, daily – has begun tweeting.

Who hasn’t I hear you cry. Well, this is different. There’ll be no witty banter crammed into 140 characters, no market comment, no re-tweeting, no following back. No!

AIM Soirée once a day (around 1.00pm GMT) will be tweeting the name of the single most talked about AIM share on Interactive Investor and LSE’s bulletin boards as determined by the AIM Soirée Equidisculator™.

It’s a set and forget follow that will provide you with a single nugget of useful info delivered to your twitter client daily.

If you’re interested in a slice of that pie, head on over to the AIM Soirée Twitter page and click that follow button. Follow Investor Trader while you’re at it.

If you want to learn a little about AIM Soirée here’s a post we prepared earlier or dive right in at the AIM Soirée website.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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