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04 Aug | Silver

In the world of investing all that glitters…is sometimes silver.

Without going all technical on yo ass (mental note: lose the gansta-talk when chatting investment) here’s a few compelling reasons to take a look at gold’s sexier single cousin.

Silver, it’s pliable, malleable and on-a-bull…run that is. You’d search far and wide to find a metal that is as corrosion, fatigue or wear resistant. It reflects light, conducts heat, can endure extremes in temperature, it provides catalytic action and is pretty darn good for sterilisation purposes – I won’t go anywhere near a surgeon wielding a wooden scalpel these days.

The demand for silver has outstripped its supply for coming on twenty years (don’t ask me for a source on that one, think a bloke at the pub – Mick – told me). Mick also told me he saw Mariah Carey in the frozen food aisle at Tesco in Clapham, but that’s a story for another time.

It was David Morgan – a guru in the world of silver investment that said: “The US Patent Office issues more patents for silver-based products than any other metal, by a very wide margin” over at Silver-Investor.com.

But in this day and age of austerity measures, debt doubts and currencies of dubious value, what’s important is that, like gold, silver is a store of real value. It’s a physical commodity that laughs at inflation and spits in the direction of fiat currencies.

And to cut to the chase, it’s also now a part of the Investor Trader portfolio (what’s left of it). We jumped on board with a bunch of silver to the tune of £3 a point at $4,084.80 an ounce (hey big spender) on 25th July 2011 and added another £2 a point at $4,166.50 an ounce today.

Thanks again for dropping by.