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27 Aug | Investor Soiree

A super quick post today to introduce the latest addition to the Soiree suite of investment websites, Investor Soiree.

We thought it time to add a blog to the Soiree network. A place where we can keep our visitors up to speed on happenings at AIM Soiree, LSE Soiree and Gold Soiree.

We’ll also be writing about investment strategy; looking at different screening methods and some of the software (online and off) available to UK private investors.

We’ll be setting up our own screens and covering a number of the companies those screens throw up. We might even back up our thoughts with a trade or two.

Here’s a couple of company proficles we’ve kicked off with:

We’ll be steering clear of the highly speculative end of the UK markets and concentrating on companies with a compelling story to tell, healthy growth prospects backed up by a robust set of figures.

I hope you’ll join us at Investor Soiree. Thanks again for dropping by.