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13 Aug | Learn to Trade on a Trading Course

Most of us have received a hot share tip from an over-zealous uncle with the inside word or a sozzled city-type with tie akimbo, late one Friday night at some West-end pub. Some of us may have even gone on to invest a pound or two. And for that small proportion who not only took up the tip but turned that original punt into a profit, chances are you were hooked on investing from that day on.

If you’re anything like me, since that first whispered tip, there’s been plenty of investment lessons learnt the hard way. I’ve lost good money more than once on companies going under. I’ve even thrown a little good cash after bad in those final fading moments hoping to double down and get my orignal investment back. And don’t get me started on when I should have taken profits on some of my early forex and commodity trades.

I’d like to think I’m a little older and a little wiser now. Fundamentals now play a much larger role in my investment decisions and I’ll always enter trades with stops and limits in mind, if not in place. Yet when real cash is on the line I’ve still been known to drop a stop down a few pence lower or to try to let those winners run a little longer than initially planned.

In retrospect it would have been great to have a trader type guy or gal sitting next to me through those early trading days. To pat me on the back when I traded well or to slap a ruler over my knuckles when I was about to flush another wad of cash down the metaphorical investment toilet. Now don’t get me wrong, even experts make mistakes but there are certainly a great variety of mistakes that are the sole domain of the newbie.

What cost can you put on removing those mistakes from your investment game? What cost can you put on learning the investment game from the experts?

Well for privately run courses in the UK expect to pay anywhere between £300 and £5,000 per week for courses that run anything from one week through six months.

They’re not cheap but then if you look at them as an apprenticeship, a pay now, earn later type deal, then that price tends to take on a little more perspective.

Here’s an intensive learn to trade offer from the guys at Amplify Trading. It runs at £1,200 a month for a minimum of four months.

This from their site:

Learn to trade the market using cutting edge professional trading systems where the structure of each trading session is modelled on how an investment banking trading desk analyses and trades the markets. Training follows an intensive and structured timetable progressing traders onto the live market where each trainee trades with a company funded account, receiving 60% of their trading profits

And as an interesting side-note to the Amplify course; any traders who finish month four flat or positive on their live trading account are then fully funded by Amplify as full time proprietary traders.

It’s certainly not for everyone but for those who are looking to the markets for a full time income or step away from what they do for a job today, then rather than throwing £5K into your trading account, perhaps throwing £5K at an investment education is not such a bad investment decision.