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29 Aug | Social Trading and the Novice Investor

Not since the 1990’s with the advent of online trading — and the availability of the demo account — have novice investors had it so good.

Being able to set up a fantasy portfolio and have its performance tracked automatically allowed those new to the investment game to take an interest and learn the ropes of investing, without risking a penny of their heard-earned.

Many a succesful investment career can be traced back to a 1990’s demo trading account.

But following a demo account and operating a profitable live trading account are two entirely different beasts. Tracking a portfolio is one thing but as any succesful investor will tell you, the key to success becomes knowing what to trade and when.

With social trading, the modern novice investor has it so much better than yesteryear’s peers. Leaders in social trading Ayondo, provide the tools so the savvy fledgling investor may bypass many of the traps that usually lay waiting for someone of their experience. Let me explain.

As the name suggests, social trading adds an interactive element to your trading activities.

Social trading not only allows you to set up a fantasy portfolio but it allows you to follow the trading moves of a host of top traders. Top traders that have had to prove their credentials month-in month-out to earn their trading stripes.

In the case of Ayondo, top traders gain their reputation over time by moving through a number of levels based on their investing performance. From Street Trader, through Advanced, to Professional, Risk-Adjusted then Institutional.

As an Ayondo follower you can choose which top traders to follow from over 1,000 traders, filtering the rankings list based on your own criteria. It’s a simple process to set up multiple portfolios and track any number of investment strategies over a period of 15 days.

By tracking Ayondo’s top traders’ movement into and out of positions in a wide range of tradable assets, you’re at once honing your own trading skills and learning from those whose investment track record is there for all to see.

When you feel comfortable with a particular strategy or portfolio, you can take it live from as little as €1,000/£1,000. Ayondo Markets is approved by the FCA in London and your money is protected by the FSCS up to a maximum of £50,000.

Over time, who knows, perhaps you’ll become an Ayondo top trader yourself, gain your own group of followers and benefit from the commissions top traders earn on top of the potential gains made from your own trading strategy.