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09 Sep | Clearing 10k – Just Two More Zeros To Go

Today the value of our portfolio banged and crashed its way through the four figure barrier and into the five figure bracket with a lovely £370 rise on the day, taking it to to £10,159 (see the juicy, big blue numbers to the right).

So five figures down and only two to go before we hit the magical million mark – a walk in the park. Careful, don’t slip on the sarcasm!

Looking back over the past four and a half months its been a meteoric rise from financial obscurity to financial semi-obscurity. In April 2009 we began with three shares with a total value of £3,562 and since then we’ve sailed the prevailing market winds as as our portfolio close to tripled in value.

Everything we have bought is currently in positive territory and each of the sales we’ve completed has yielded profits.

Whereas I’d like to take all of the credit, the market has to assume the bulk of the kudos. When we began there was some seriously undervalued equities out there. Fortunately we stumbled on a few.Hopefully we’ll find a few more.

Thanks for seeing us through this far, we’ve got four years, seven months and about two weeks to find another two zeros. I hope you’ll keep checking back as we plot our progress.

If you’ve had a little windfall of late, why not share the wealth with our friends over at Kiva by helping a third world entrepreneur get a start. As always, thanks again for dropping by.