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29 Sep | Day 153 – Portfolio Value £10,413 Up £134 On The Day

So it seems an age since I’ve posted on Investor Trader but in reality its only been the best part of three weeks. Three weeks since we broke through the 10K figure.

And whilst the FTSE powers on northward, heading back towards it’s old stomping grounds of ’07 and ’08 – beyond the 6K level – our portfolio has spent the past few weeks neither gaining or losing too much ground. A situation that’s just fine by me.

So often with small caps, a round of hefty gains is followed by a round of enthusiastic selling as those in for the short term look to take their money and run. So gains in small caps followed by a period of levelling off, tend to instill me with a little confidence. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe one day some of these small caps we’re holding will become big caps and in the process make us all very rich.

So heading forward I’m pretty happy with the makeup of our portfolio. Longer term, I think there is a potential in each and every share we hold. And we’re still holding cash (a rarity) waiting for a few shares to make their move.

Strategy? Renesola is dipping down toward buying territory and we’ll probably look to top up around the 150 pence mark. In the past few months we’ve close to doubled our money on Ceramic Fuel Cells and Eros International so we may look at skimming the top off those holdings to put into China Biodiesel and West China Cement.

You could say we’re very bullish on China at the minute.

Thanks again for dropping by and don’t forget to pay Kiva a visit and give a leg up to entrepreneur in the third world.