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03 Sep | Sale – Low Carbon Accelerator

Yesterday we offloaded our holding of Low Carbon Accelerator (LCA.L) selling 1,834 shares for 31 pence each for a total return of £568.54 (before costs).

Low Carbon Accelerator were one of the original three holdings we kicked off Investor Trader with back in April 2009, but sentiment be damned!

We returned a small profit (very small after broker’s costs) after buying in at 29.5 pence a share for a total outlay of £531.86

Our reason for selling? Mainly my impatience! LCA.L hasn’t under-performed or over-performed based on our expectations, its just that I think maybe my hard-earned can be better put to use elsewhere in the market – for the moment at least. We’ll be keeping a close eye on LCA.L and maybe look at buying back in on a dip in the coming months.