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26 Oct | Not Up, Not Down, Just Sideways

It seems as though our portfolio has been hovering in a range just above or below 10K for months now. In reality, it’s probably been closer to a few weeks but after the meteoric rise of our – small caps dominated – portfolio in the preceding four months, expectations have been high.

But sideways isn’t a bad thing, especially when you see dips as potential entry points.

Renesola is a share that keeps jumping onto our radar. After pushing £2.50 in June this year it’s currently trading at less than half that today. By it’s very nature Renesola is a volatile piece of work but on no real news (there’s talk of a little industry-wide over-production on the boards) maybe its time to take another bite.

I’ve ummed and ahhed over this for a few weeks now – earlier this month we bought some Asian Citrus rather than top up on Renesola – but its a strong possibility that we’ll take the plunge again very, very soon. There can’t be too much more downside and I think when it finally turns again (and it will), we may just see a quick surge back up towards two quid.

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