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27 Oct | Sale – Synergy Health PLC

Today we sold our holding of 82 shares in Synergy Health PLC (SYR.L) for £5.8730 a share, netting us a total return of £481.59 before costs.

We got on board with Synergy Health back in mid-July of this year at £5.0800 a share. In 3 and a half months we’ve made 79.3 pence per share – a 13.5% gain.

Our reasons for selling? A simple case of opportunity cost. Again, we see Synergy Health as a good long term hold. None of the reasons why we purchased Synergy back in July have changed. Its a case of having finite wealth and best managing its spread.

Our strategy in the short term, is to build up a little cash with a view of upping our holdings in Renesola when it turns. As I mentioned yesterday, that time may be fast approaching (as I type SOLA.L is changing hands around the 120 pence mark, during it’s darkest days it dipped to 80 pence). When it does bottom out, we’ll be ready with a little more capital to invest! Long term I’m still a huge fan of Renesola and if the market lets me have it for under a quid, I’ll be all smiles.

Thanks again for dropping by!