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04 Oct | Selling a Few Clipper Windpower

The last couple of weeks has seen a little turnaround in the fortunes of our – predominantly – small capped portfolio. The recent rise and rise of the FTSE seems to indicate that there’s still faith in the market in general so maybe it’s a case of people taking from AIM to invest in the main board.

Whatever the case, we’ve decided to pocket a little profit from our Clipper Windpower holdings for no other reason than when things get a little jittery it’s nice to take a little profit here and there.

We bought into Clipper Windpower back in May ’09 at 104.95 pence and we’re selling off 295 of the 895 shares we hold at 177.00 pence, in the the process, turning a 68% profit in a little less than 5 months. So that’s another £522.15 before trading costs into the coffers.

We still have plans to top up on Renesola at the lower levels they’ve experienced of late, but it’s a possibility they may test lower still so we’ll bide our time a little and see if we can’t catch them as they bounce off support a little further south. Same goes for China Biodiesel and West China Cement. We’ll be keeping a close eye on all three of our Chinese holdings over the coming days to seek an optimum entry point.