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28 Oct | Sold a Little Eros International PLC

Another three-figure write-off day for the FTSE and again our portfolio is adrift atop a sea of red, but its not all bad news.

We’ve taken the opportunity to sell off a few of our Eros International shares.

We first got on board with Eros International – a Bollywood film producer and distributor – in early May of this year, purchasing 533 shares at £1.05 a share for a total outlay of £559.65.

Today we sold 233 of our Eros holding at £1.7472 for a return before costs of £407.10. We’re still holding 300 shares with a current value in excess of £500. Not bad for a six month hold!

Rensola has dipped a further 8% today as I type this and is currently trading around the 110 pence mark. To be honest, I’m half expecting news and looking at the curve, it can only be bad.

If news doesn’t come soon, I would have thought there’d be some round-number support around the £1.00 mark but if it busts through that, then 80 pence is where it’s been found historically. If we re-visit 80 pence, good or bad news I’ll be diving back and bringing my nest egg with me 😉

Thanks for dropping by.