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18 Oct | Cash Burning a Hole In My Pocket

I’ve never been a very patient investor. I love the concept of an ideal entry point to a market, but truth be known, if I’ve been eying a potential buy, I tend to pile in without paying too much attention to short term fluctuations.

I’m usually in for the mid to long term when I buy a share so price fluctuations this week or next neither overly excite nor bother me.

One thing that does bother me – especially when I have a portfolio that’s ticking over like this one has been for the past few months – is money sitting bone idle in a trading account earning a slice under bugger all in interest.

And that’s where we are at now. But not for long. In the coming days I’ll be looking to place probably four buys in the region of £900 per buy to turn that £3,770 in cash into hard working investments.

Keeping in mind my love for alternative energy, emerging markets and speculative plays, any ideas on potential buys from you guys are most welcome!