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10 Oct | Euro Resolution and Bargain Hunting

Well, it’s a fact. There is now no denying it. I am a fair-weather blogger.  Since the markets began their free-fall, I’ve barely let out a whimper. So again, allow to me apologise.

Now I’m not the only one. I’ve noticed quite a few other financial bloggers have fallen off the radar a little since this whole Euro mess kicked off. What can I say, it’s a lot easier to put pen to paper when you’re making a little coin into the bargain.

So what have I been up to? I had taken refuge in gold – riding that lovely precious medal from a little over $1,500 USD an ounce to up over $1,900 and then way back down to $1,600. All that in the space of mere months. It’s not a place for the financial faint-of-heart.

Now I could never be branded risk averse but volatility like that had me taking cover…for the time being. If gold re-visits $1,400 (and who’s to say it won’t) I may jump back in, but for the time being it all feels a little too much like flipping a coin.

In fact it seems as if the play-book for market movement has been thrown out the window of late.

Obviously UK shares are down across the board almost without exception. But there seems to be some inordinately gloomy valuations across many of the AIM shares I’m tracking. Are these valuations now realistic? Have the goal-posts shifted for good? Or will we look back at this period and kick ourselves for not going on a bit of a spending spree? The optimist in me says it’s time to buy but there’s been a growing level of pessimism seeping into the thought process behind any trading decisions.

It’s harder than ever to hit that buy button despite what appears to be bargains aplenty.

Having said that I’ve gone almost all in on Berkeley Mineral Resources. Our portfolio now features 309,000 of those little bad boys averaged in at 3.69 pence a share.

I’ve had price alerts getting hit almost daily on a number of other AIM shares I’m tracking but to be honest the headlines are about as far as I get into the financial news at the moment.

Maybe it’s time to get serious about bargain hunting. I mean there’s undervalued and ridiculously undervalued right? And when this thing corrects (if a correction is indeed what will happen) it could all happen very quickly.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on anything you think is grossly undervalued and why? What’s on your shopping list? Or are you sitting on your hands until this whole Euro thing plays out?

Thanks again for dropping by.