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26 Oct | Introducing LSE Soirée

Following on from the unmitigated success of AIM Soiréewhere we rank the chat, so you know where AIMs at – the next logical step was to apply the same shoddy coding (and funky design) to AIM’s big sister; the London Stock Exchange’s, Main Market. Well, a fair chunk of it anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, allow me introduce, LSE Soirée.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll be brief…and lazy. Here’s the blurb from the LSE Soiree home page:

Welcome to LSE Soirée ~ a comfy little velvet-clad corner of the web where we rank London Stock Exchange chat.

We’ve taken UK investment research back to the basics. We aim to answer one question and one question alone: what shares on the London Stock Exchange are investors talking about? How do we do it? Well we can’t tell you exactly, that’d be like the Colonel giving away his secret herbs and spices. What we can say is that we take a collection of freely available discussion data (in RSS form) from a bunch of financial websites once a day – roughly at noon – and run it through our LSE Soirée Equidisculator™ and share the results here.

So pop a little Burt Bacharach on the reel-to-reel, shake yourself a dry martini and enjoy discovering what’s hot gossip on the London Stock Exchange today so you’ll never miss the UK investment bargain boat again.

Now we’re certainly in beta stage so if you discover anything that looks a little out of place, perhaps you could drop me an email and let me know.

Oh and if there are some AIM market shares on there or some big main market names I’ve missed out on, I’d love to get your feedback.

We’re very light on company descriptions and logos (in fact there are none at the moment) but they’ll be added in the coming weeks.

Anyway, here’s the first top 10 for posterity:

1. Barclays (BARC)
2. Premier Foods (PFD)
3. Lloyds Banking (LLOY)
4. Centamin (CEY)
5. Tesco (TSCO)
6. Man (EMG)
7. Thomas Cook (TCG)
8. Aminex (AEX)
9. Namakwa Diamonds (NAD)
10. Vodafone (VOD)

It’s funny how the chat levels for these companies are nowhere near the same levels for the top 10 over at AIM Soirée. Speculative investment certainly attracts the talkative types.

So be sure to drop by to at least check out LSE Soiree. If you spend time on the BBs anyway, here you’ll get recent discussion from a couple of the best offerings (III and LSE) side by side, with a bunch of company news, details and twitterings thrown into the mix.

With AIM Soirée and now LSE Soirée,  you’ll never need to wonder what companies are attracting the chat again.

Thanks again for dropping by.