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02 Nov | Renesola

So I’ve been talking about it for long enough but last Friday I put my money where my mouth was and topped up on some Renesola, adding another 692 shares to our holding at £1.23488 a share for a total consideration of £854.54.

Renesola has been on our radar again since it visited the 150 pence mark in late September where it traded within a range for a fortnight or so before continuing its downward trajectory.

Last Thursday it touched 110 pence before rebounding 10% and it was at this point I chose to enter the market.

Time will tell whether 110 pence will be tested again or whether Renesola will recover back towards the £2 mark. I’m still confident that when Renesola does rally, its price will climb quickly.

If it does dip through the pound mark I have confidence long-term in Renesola so I’m not too worried. If it were to head to 80 pence I’d be looking to top up further still.

I’ve held Rensola on and off since it floated back in 2006 and getting in and out at 15 to 20% off the lows and highs makes for a nice profit over time with a holding as volatile as this.

Thanks again for dropping by.