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24 Nov | Sale – Entertainment One

Another equity I love has recently felt the steel of my trading sword; Entertainment One.

We’ve chopped the top off our ETO.L holding selling 1,067 shares for £1.17 a share on 15th November 2011.

We bought in to Entertainment One back in May of this year at 61 pence a pop, so in effect we almost doubled our cash in six short months – no complaints there!

We still hold 1,200 of these bad boys but like pretty much every equity all of the world ever (okay, now I’m just getting emotional) in the past week or two – cue Ireland, cue North Korea – ETO.L has seen a little bit of a drop off.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but again, we still love ETO.L mid to long term and the reasons we jumped in, in the first place still hold true.

Oh, plus strong interims, reduction in debt, Peppa Pig crossing the pond – all reasons why I’ll be holding on to the remaining ETO.L in our portfolio well into 2011 and beyond.