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16 Nov | Purchase – Alecto Energy

The fundamental change in our portfolio mix continues.

With the recent sale of all our Renesola, Clipper Windpower and OPG Power Ventures holdings and what for us is a fairly heavy (in terms of portfolio percentage) investment in Berkeley Mineral Resources, we’ve taken a leap into more speculative mineral waters. Ouch! Sorry, do pardon the pun.

Well, that’s a subjective call I guess. What’s speculative to some is rock solid to others. Many would argue that the labels: solar (Renesola), wind-power (Clipper) and India (OPG) in terms of investment have speculation written all over them. My personal investment philosophy though sees no great risk involved long term in alternative energy. And India’s power needs are only going in one direction as we move forward.

But, I digress. Our latest purchase is a ton of Alecto Energy, well 44,272 shares to be exact, that we picked up for 3.75 pence a share last Thursday for a total outlay before costs of £1,660.20.

It may be just me but when I take up penny shares in lots of tens of thousands, the potential to double, triple or even quadruple my initial investment in a timely manner seems all the more realistic.

To back up this theory, check out the one month charts for Herencia (1.28 to 2.72 pence), Red Rock Resources (6.18 to 12.38 pence) and Victoria Oil and Gas (3.11 to 6.70 pence). Ahhh foresight, what a wonderful gift. Unfortunately it’s one I don’t possess. Our portfolio contains none of these.

Now I know a million and one investors would argue that, that is utter nonsense and a ten quid share has the same likelihood – ceterus parabus – of doubling as a ten pence share. And they’re probably right. But to my warped way of thinking, I see more chance of my 3 pence shares trading at a quid than I do of any 10 quid shares trading at £330.

Damned digression, now, where was I? That’s right, Alecto Energy. Our reasons? Basically, in the last month Alecto has been awarded three gold and copper mining and two uranium mining licenses in the Mauritanide mobile belt of Mauritania and there’s the possibility of more good news on the horizon.

As always do a ton of your own homework and take none of the above as investment advice. It isn’t. It is simply the warped ramblings of an amateur investor.

Thanks again for stopping by. If you’re after a sure thing, head on over to Kiva and help a third world entrepreneur help themselves.