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05 Nov | Purchase – Berkeley Mineral Resources

On a tip from a reader – thanks Matt – we took a closer look at Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR.L), liked what we saw and ended pulling the trigger on Monday, jumping in for 21,712 shares at 4.53 pence a share.

In the three-and-a-half days since we’ve seen a 31% rise in the share price which is now trading around the six pence mark.

Berkeley Mineral Resources to quote from the source, are:

a mineral processing company with a strategy of processing tailings at former mines. They are currently principally engaged in the extraction of zinc and lead from tailings dumps at the world-famed Kabwe mine in Zambia.

The bulletin boards are abuzz over Berkeley and it’s little wonder with a one-month chart like this.

So what’s the reason? Well, my understanding, in a nutshell is: a small company with zero revenue may soon be announcing the acquisition of a rather large asset that would begin generating revenue rather quickly. Hence, the speculators are circling in the hope of a major re-rating of an AIM minnow and now I’m one of them. Time well tell.

As always – especially with shares that are very speculative in nature – do your own homework and get a ton of info from a number of sources and never invest money you aren’t prepared to lose. Here’s a good place to start a little Berkeley-based reading, and here’s their website.

Thanks again for dropping by and if you have made a quid, why not visit Kiva and share the wealth with those less fortunate.