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25 Nov | Sale – Asian Citrus Holdings

Another juicy little sale to report. This time it’s Asian Citrus Holdings (ACHL.L), our vitamin C packed, Chinese agricultural friends. And again, after make considerable gains in just over 12 months, it’s a slice off the top and we’ll retain a nice little holding for the good times ahead.

We bought into Asian Citrus back in October 2009 – here’s why – at 42.7 pence (well actually £4.27 but that was before a 10 for 1 stock split) and sold off exactly half our holding for 82 pence on 13th Novermber 2010.

In effect by the price doubling (we were 3 pence off but for the sake of the example) and selling half the holding, our current holding of 1,270 shares becomes a freebie. We’ve re-couped our initial investment and now we’re playing with their money. It’s a nice feeling.

Now to put that hard earned to work elsewhere. But more on that tomorrow.