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10 Nov | Sale – Clipper Windpower

Late last week, following our sad farewell to Renesola, we sold off our final cache of another Investor Trader stalwart, Clipper Windpower.

The once proud Clipper Windpower whose price previously stormed its way toward ten quid recently became a takeover target for UTC and not for the first time if memory serves me correct.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the offer came in at 65 pence a share and not being one to hang a round for the last rites, we sold out at 64.15 pence to put our money to work elsewhere. At the time of the deal 65 pence was at a premium so no harm no foul.

We were averaged in at £ 1.0495 so we took a bit of a hit this time round, but a sale 13 months ago at £1.77 saw us pretty much break even overall in our dealings with Clipper over the journey.