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22 Nov | Sale – Hutchison China Meditech

With a handful of shares on my must-have before Christmas list we chopped the top off a few of our more profitable holdings last week.

This is never easy to do, especially when you know there’s more to come. I’m a big fan of letting the good ones run (unfortunately I’ve been known to let the bad ones run too – see Cosalt – though I’m assured there’s good news to come…). But sometimes the potential and the pull of undervalued or oversold shares elsewhere is just too strong to ignore.

First of our performing shares to contribute to my special socialist model of portfolio management was Hutchison China Meditech (HCM.L). A wonderfully performing Chinese chunk of AIM that had leapt in price from £3.14 when we jumped in back in July of this year to £5.10 when we sold 220 of them off on 12th November.

Here’s the reasoning behind our original purchase and nowt has changed.

We’re still holding 300 of these bad boys and we’re still expecting big things.