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12 Nov | Sale – OPG Power Ventures

It’s been a busy fortnight and it ain’t over yet. On Tuesday we sold off our entire holding of OPG Power Ventures for 68 pence a share after buying in at 66 pence a share in April. With the meagre profit, we covered our dealing costs.

Mid to long term I have no doubt that the imbalance in supply and demand of Indian electricity will see OPG Power Ventures forge ahead but for the time being at least we have a couple of other more speculative plays for our coin.

Sometimes investing is like that. You’ve got to shuffle limited funds to where they’ll do best. “Opportunity cost Paul”, my economics lecturer would announce before piffing a duster at my head, “is the basic relationship between choice and scarcity”.

In our case the cash is scarce and the choice is a more speculative, short-term gain. Well, that’s the plan. Time will tell. But more on that early next week. Have a good weekend.