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09 Nov | Sale – Renesola

With last rites being performed on Renesola’s AIM listing before shifting their focus solely to their New York Stock Exchange listing, last Thursday 4th November we sold off our final tranche of 500 shares of our portfolio stalwart for 4.0150 pence a share and a total return of £2,007.50 before dealer costs.

We were averaged into Renesola at £1.12 a share so we took a 350% profit on Renesola this time round. Renesola has always been good to me over the years. Taking me up toward the giddy heights of £7 before I lost my nerve and smacked the sell key and letting me slip back in under a quid in that very same year. A favourite of the shorters so there’s always been plenty of banter on the BBs to boot. It’s been a wonderful ride.

Since we set out on the Investor Trader journey back in April 2009, Renesola has been our most heavily traded share, having bought in and out on nine occasions in the past 18 months. She was our financial muse. We’ll be sad to see her go.

As a token of our respect we’ve splashed a little cash back into the solar market with PV Crystalox Solar and of course there’s still a Chinese connection in our portfolio with Asian Citrus Holdings Limited and Hutchison China Meditech which are both performing admirably.

But nothing can ever replace that special blend of an alternative energy AIM share from China, in my mind at least. They’re not tears on my keyboard, just sweat from this spicy Szechuan chicken.