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07 Nov | Cleaning House

We’ve been cleaning house at Investor Trader of late. Knocking things into shape a little and getting rid of few of the more dated aspects of the site. And whilst the process is ongoing, we thought now’s as good a time as any to fill you in with what’s coming up.

Since our inception back in 2009 we’ve refined our direction. Like so many blogs that have come before us, we’ve settled into a niche rather than trying to be all things to all readers.

So with that in mind we’ll be trimming back a little on some of the more supplementary content we offer, but adding a few online goodies to Investor Trader that should more than compensate.

For starters, we’ve decided to kill off a couple of sections of the site that were, how can I put this, grossly out of date. I’m not sure exactly how often the good people at the FTSE Group update their main UK Index, but at a guess I’d say it’s more often than we have – yes, well……that would be never, in a little over three and a half years.

So our list of FTSE 100 companies and the little descriptions that went along with them were the first to go. Seeing as the last time I invested in a FTSE 100 company, AltaVista was the savvy search engine of choice, I saw it as a move in line with our efforts to ‘refine our direction’.

We’ve also killed off our suggestions page. It had served us well over the years. We’ve had some crackin’ tips from our readers over the journey – a number that we’ve gone on to buy and make money from – but as the list of comments grew, readers had to work their way through some pretty dated old info before they got to the juicy new stuff.

The death of the suggestions page doesn’t mean we don’t want our good readers to share their thoughts and tips with us, on the contrary, it’s just that we think it’s important to keep things as current as we can.

To that end we’ve introduced a new section titled, on the radar. Basically as we find shares we like (or that have been tipped by our readers), we’ll add them to this section. If we decide to invest in those companies in the future, they’ll shimmy a couple of navigation stops to the left and appear under our ‘current portfolio’ tab. Think of anything under, ‘on the radar’ as a shortlist of potential investments we’re currently mulling over. When companies on the radar fall out of favour, we’ll remove them from the list.

We’ve been mixing a lot more spread betting in with our trading of late and up until now those trades haven’t had a home on Investor Trader. Well now our current portfolio page, our trades page and individual company pages (e.g. Supergroup) will all include spread trade details.

For those who’d like to give spread betting a whirl without the capital outlay, you can try spread betting here.

And last but not least we’ll be incorporating a new Special Offers section into Investor Trader. From time to time we receive great offers from companies (like our friends over at Cantor financial bets) looking to partner with us that we can pass on to our readers. So keep an eye on our special offers page and you might be able to save yourself a quid or two and help us out a little into the bargain.

Now some of these changes are in place whilst I type and others are a day or two away but they’ll all make their way on site in the coming days.

Thanks again for dropping by.