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04 Dec | Lloyds Rights Issue

From the four options I spoke of earlier in the week, I’ve gone all in with Lloyds (option 1) fully taking up my offered allotment of 1,037 shares at £0.37 a share. The rights issue gave me a reduction on current market value of about £0.16 per share or 30%, so I can’t really complain, despite doing my darnedest in my most recent post.

Our total holding of Lloyds has now risen to 1,811 shares averaged out at 0.4990 pence per share.

So now let’s wait and see whether the market has fully factored the rights issue into the current price or whether we’re in for a continued drop over the coming weeks.

Well that coffee’s not going to make itself, so I’m outta here. Thanks again for dropping by and remember to take a peek at Kiva. Why not give a very special Christmas gift to a third-world entrepreneur.