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27 Dec | 17 Potential (Speculative) Investments for 2011

Following on from my most recent post – Which Shares Should I Invest In – I’ve spent a few days pouring over my own pool of potential investments. No small job in the end as the list had ballooned to over 50 possibles, thanks in no small part to suggestions from our readers. I’ve had a cursory glance over the lot of ’em and have very crudely trimmed that list back to 17 based on a bunch of criteria that underlines my investment philosophy (I’d love to look more deeply in to each and every one of them but there’s only so many hours in the day).

During the process of constructing this list I’ve created a secondary list of shares in which I may have missed the boat which in all likelihood contains a number of equities that will continue to fly in 2011. But due to the fact that they’ve already put on good numbers of late, they’ve been excluded from my pool of potentials at this point in time. Also excluded are companies in which we’ve already invested (look at the “Day in Numbers” to the right).

In all probability the missed the boat list will outperform those shares listed below but in an ideal world the list below will contain a couple of rip-snorters that I can jump in with on the ground floor. I’d rather take the ride from 2 pence to 10 than from 20 to 40. Having said that I’ll be keeping an eye on the missed the boat list too and looking for possible entry points on retracements which I’ll be blogging about if and when they transpire.

Some of these are speculative plays at best, some will dive dramatically over the coming months and years and some may not be around to see in 2012. Some will slow burn, some will trade thin and slip on little or no news and with some – after I’ve completed a little more homework – I’ll be wondering ‘how the hell they made it to this list in the first place’ but I’m fairly confident, some will soar. Which ones? Well that’s half the battle. To be honest I haven’t really got a clue myself at this stage and won’t until I get into the nitty gritty of doing a lot more of my own research. But chances are I’ll be putting a little money into at least a couple early on in the new year.

So here’s the list, in alphabetical order and linking through to their corresponding page at Interactive Investor (where you can get all your fundamental data, charts and juicy discussion):

Angel Mining (ANGM.L)
Condor Resources (CNR.L)
Desire Petroleum (DES.L)
Goldstone Resources (GRL.L)
Herencia Resources (HER.L)
Medavinci (MVC.L)
RCG Holdings (RCG.L)
Range Resources (RRL.L)
ReGen Therapeutics (RGT.L)
Sterling Energy (SEY.L)
Sound Oil (SOU.L)
Sunrise Resources (SRES.L)
Thor Mining (THR.L)
Triple Plate Junction (TPJ.L)
Victoria Oil and Gas (VOG.L)
Vane Minerals (VML.L)
Xtract Energy (XTR.L)

I’d love to hear which shares you think will fly in 2011? Are they on the list? Have we invested in them already? They don’t have to be AIM listed or small cap equities, so if you’ve got any ideas, please let us know by adding to the comments below or over on our suggestions page.

And please remember, all content on Investor Trader is the babble of a complete amateur investor with a penchant for highly speculative (risky) investments (I once invested 500 quid in a company that went under within a fortnight). I am not a financial adviser, never have been one and nothing I say should be considered financial advice. Never invest cash you can’t afford to lose and please, do a ton of your own homework before investing.

Thanks again for dropping by.