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22 Dec | DOW follows FTSE – A New Web Site

Now just because there’s been little sign of life at Investor Trader over the past few weeks, doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy little beavers behind the scenes working on other financey-type web gadgets.

Just as AIM Soirée answered those burning questions about who’s discussing what in the world of AIM listed shares, recently we’ve moved our focus to topics new.

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please, may I introduce our latest offering to the Interweb: DOW follows FTSE.

Now I’m not going to spew out a whole new spiel about what happens at DOW follows FTSE. Needless to say the title’s a bit of a giveaway and a quick click to the site will reveal all. But for the impatient, the basic premise in a sentence: If the FTSE finishes up or down on any given day, what are the chances the DOW will do the same?

We’ve got daily DOW and FTSE data dating back to 1984 and the results might just surprise. Need more? How about in 2011 (to date) the closing direction of the DOW and FTSE matched 76% of the time.

So, on a final note, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who dropped by Investor Trader in 2011. Yes, it may be true that our portfolio more than halved in value in 2011, but luckily I’m an optimist who’s very heavily invested in a drastically under-valued (IMHO) Berkeley Mineral Resources. So seasons greetings to all and may 2012 see your portfolios bathe in a blue-green ocean of upward-pointing arrows.