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Berkeley Mineral Resources Plc, listed on AIM, is a mineral processing company with a strategy of processing tailings at former mines. It is currently principally engaged in the extraction of zinc and lead from tailings dumps at the world-famed Kabwe mine in Zambia.

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  • Berkeley Mineral Resources
    There’s been some nice price action on an equity I’d almost forgotten I owned in the past few days. Not that I’m running with a portfolio overflowing with holdings, far from it, it’s just that this equity in particular has been a bit of a slow-burner. In my opinion it’s always been big on potential but without earnings it was always going to find the going tough in the current market. But possibly, that’s all about to change… The company in question is Berkeley Mineral Resources. For those of you new to the world of Berkeley, they’re an AIM listed outfit looking to process tailings at former mines in Zambia. Particularly the Kabwe mine and various former mine sites in the Zambian Copperbelt. Here’s a snippet from the Berkeley Mineral Resources’ web site, with a little more information on Kabwe: The Kabwe Zinc and Lead mine was in operation from 1906 until 1994 and produced some 2.6 million tons of Zinc and Lead in the 88 years of mining. The extensive tailings dumps which still exist at the mine site are rich in residual base metals. The dumps are also part of the pollution problems that have resulted from more […]
  • Timing of Good News
    So often lately it seems any price rise resulting from favourable company regulatory news delivered before the opening of the market is swallowed up by bad macro-economic sentiment by day’s end. Whilst it’s impossible to isolate the effect of the timing of a release on price, a little look at price ranges on those days when news is released can provide some interesting results. Using Berkeley Mineral Resources – our favourite African mineral processing company – as an example, let’s look at the timing of their past six regulatory announcements since the beginning of April 2012. Here they are: 1. 3rd April 2012 (8.00 AM) – Govt Approval for Kabwe Site Acquisition 2. 16th April 2012 (8.00 AM) – Kabwe Update 3. 19th April 2012 (8.00 AM) – Chingola Copper Tailings Update 4. 24th April 2012 (8.00 AM) – Warrants Update – Amendment 5. 2nd May 2012 (8.00 AM) – Receipt of Large Scale Mining Licence 6. 1st June 2012 (4.00 PM) – Kabwe Update Note, all but the most recent RNS on 1st June (6 on the graphic) were delivered at the opening of the market – 8.00 AM – and the BMR share price on all of those […]
  • Euro Resolution and Bargain Hunting
    Well, it’s a fact. There is now no denying it. I am a fair-weather blogger.  Since the markets began their free-fall, I’ve barely let out a whimper. So again, allow to me apologise. Now I’m not the only one. I’ve noticed quite a few other financial bloggers have fallen off the radar a little since this whole Euro mess kicked off. What can I say, it’s a lot easier to put pen to paper when you’re making a little coin into the bargain. So what have I been up to? I had taken refuge in gold – riding that lovely precious medal from a little over $1,500 USD an ounce to up over $1,900 and then way back down to $1,600. All that in the space of mere months. It’s not a place for the financial faint-of-heart. Now I could never be branded risk averse but volatility like that had me taking cover…for the time being. If gold re-visits $1,400 (and who’s to say it won’t) I may jump back in, but for the time being it all feels a little too much like flipping a coin. In fact it seems as if the play-book for market movement has been […]
  • Berkeley Mineral Resources - Limited Downside
    As investors we’re always on that elusive search for the no brainer trade – the investment that just can’t lose. Well I can’t say I’ve found an investment with absolutely no downside yet, but by utilising spread trading and taking advantage of the markets where they stand at this point in time, I’ve found a deal or two that come pretty damn close. Let’s take a look at one I prepared earlier: Berkeley Mineral Resources. I’ve written about them enough of late and I topped up again on Friday – buying another 110,486 at 2.07 pence a share – but that’s beside the point. Berkeley currently trades between 2.10 and 2.20 pence a share. Now the bulls out there will tell you that on recent news – and assuming ceteris paribus (which we certainly ain’t got at the moment) – Berekeley should be trading in double digits at least – 10 pence or above. Now for whatever reasons (there’s enough of ‘em) that ain’t happening. Whilst our bearish friends would have trouble convincing too many that Berkeley could halve in value again from here to one pence. It’s a possibility sure, anything seems possible at the moment but it’s unlikely, […]
  • Berkeley Mineral Resources and Gold
    With our share portfolio in free-fall there’s not much good news coming out of Investor Trader for the moment. That is unless you consider Investor Trader’s new colour scheme news-worthy? I had hope for Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR.L) when I fleetingly glanced over last Thursday’s Kabwe tailings JORC results RNS pre market-open. But irrespective of what nuggets it contained, deep down I think I knew the market was always going to shrug its shoulders and continue its southerly trajectory. The news? Well on the plus side we’re sitting on a higher grade of lead. Masoud Alikhani, Chairman of BMR had this to say: “We have confirmed the content of the leach plant tailings to the JORC Measured Standard, and the dumps contain a considerably higher grade of lead than that inferred by the historic assessments. This combined with the Wash Plant tailings gives BMR a significant asset and it is our intention to now begin to maximise its value. “To this end we have strengthened our management team in Zambia commensurate with our expanding operations in the country. The next stage is to bring the site into production”. Though on the flip side we only received results for the “central […]

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