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FOREX Trading

Around the clock, around the world, Foreign Exchange (FOREX) markets are turning over figures that would make Buffet baulk. It’s an adrenaline filled ride and not one without huge risks. But with those huge potential risks, comes huge potential rewards. With tightening spreads and modest per pip trades on offer for the personal investor, the world of FOREX is no longer solely the domain of the big financial institutions. Here’s a few resources that offer a glimpse into the world of FOREX trading.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads provides the ultimate desktop, tablet and mobile trading platform. Theirs is a streamlined, industry-leading interface which is fast, secure and easy-to-use. There’s no bells, no whistles, just a simple, noise-free way for traders to get down to the business of trading.

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Forex Trading News

DailyForexTrade.com provides daily forex trading news each day for all the major currencies such as the British Pound, the US Dollar and the Euro. It covers worldwide economic changes and reports on major data releases. Well worth a visit.

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Forex Rate

Forex Rate’s pages are geared towards active currency day-traders and include their online Forex Trading recommendations and information, live Forex charts, live Forex quotes for most currency cross pairs, daily currency trading news and forex forecasts with their free RSS news feed.

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No Brainer Trades

Steve runs a very refreshing financial blog that offers straight-to-the-point FOREX Trading advice and posts trade information, not signals, he loathes the word signals. Here’s the blurb of what consitutes a No Brainer Trade:

Based on the premise of areas of heavy bank order flows, or simply stated, large, key areas of support and resistance which are very obvious areas for price reversal or continuation of momentum.

Anyone new to the FOREX trading game can definately learn a thing or two here. Steve’s methods read like a text for “the right way to trade FOREX”:

  • Strict risk management with attention to proper use of leverage and setting fully attainable profit targets
  • Avoidance of emotional intervention through the use of proper trade planning
  • Stressing deep analysis, taking trades only at very high probability areas
  • Avoidance of careless trading techniques and reliance on loosely performing indicators

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