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Online Stockbrokers

There are plenty of online UK stockbrokers out there offering instant market access for a set fee. Look carefully at a number before you take the plunge. A low per trade cost may be a great incentive – especially if you plan to trade more than once or twice a month – but issues like reliability are just as, if not more important. I’ve had trade windows slam shut because my online broker’s web site has been down for maintenance. Often a recommendation from a friend in the know is the best bet and a backup account should problems be encountered, a nice fall back position. (the information quoted on UK Stockbrokers was correct at the time of publishing)

Barclays Stockbrokers

Barclays – of the banking game – offer 12 trades online with the fee dropping to 7.50 for those who trade more than ten times a month. Telephone commissions are decidely higher but a handy fall-back option should you encounter problems online.

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Core Spreads

Core Spreads provides the ultimate desktop, tablet and mobile trading platform. Theirs is a streamlined, industry-leading interface which is fast, secure and easy-to-use. There’s no bells, no whistles, just a simple, noise-free way for traders to get down to the business of trading.

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offers a flat £12.50 for online and phone trades whatever the security or market. Allows users to invest in equities from the UK and 18 international markets, plus investment trusts, exchange traded funds, unit trusts,
gilts, corporate bonds, covered warrants and certificates. Heard lots of good things.

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TD Waterhouse

offers the investor/trader the opportunity to deal in UK and international equities, funds, Bonds, Gilts, ETFs, Covered warrants, contracts for difference, and financial spread betting. For those looking for more data for their quid TD Waterhouse offer level 2 data via their ProTrader account. Online trades from 9.95.

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