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Trading Tutorials

We’ve all got to start somewhere. Below are some hand-picked sites that concentrate on the basics of investment and trading. So whether you’re completely new to this trading gig or just want to brush up on a little financial knowledge take a look at what’s on offer.

Free Online Trading Education

For those of you out there with a basic understanding of Japanese Candlestick charting who’d like to take the next leap in your development, may I suggest you check out FreeOnlineTradingEducation.com.

FreeOnlineTradingEducation.com was launched a few years back by a bunch of renowned traders who really know their stuff. I’ve read a few books on the topic over the years, but there’s no comparison to being walked through real market data by an expert who’s pointing out patterns, indicators and levels of support and resistance as they go.

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Investopedia is a wonderful online financial resource for all levels of investor from beginner to experienced trader. It includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as dozens of well-written articles and tutorials on almost every aspect of investing and trading. A great place to begin your investing or trading schooling.

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Money Terms

If you’re after a lucid collection of concise money-based definitions that’ll have you waxing financial with the best of them, pay Graeme Pietersz’, Money Terms a visit.

Graeme has worked as both a buy-side and a sell-side analyst, in the UK and Asia and I has two postgraduate degrees in business and finance. Safe to say he knows his stuff.

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